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HSP-302001 #1

Premium Exhaust Wrap 2 In X 15 FT


Out of Stock (More on the way)


  • Add-On Part - NA
  • Title - Premium Exhaust Wrap

Premium Exhaust Wrap Stays Strong, Soft And Abrasion Resistant At 1350f. Our Proprietary Hptc Coating Increases The Premium Header Wrap Lifespan, Giving It Higher Temperature Performance, And Lasting Longer Than Any Other Fiberglass Wrap.


ALL fiberglass exhaust wraps have a base maximum operating temperature of 1000F, if coated 1200F with peak capabilities of 2000F for less than 30 seconds. Our new HPTC coating, allows our premium wrap to operate at 1350F continuously. In addition to increasing the temperature parameters, it also allows the wrap to remain flexible and strong. For most header wraps the fiberglass will become weak and brittle at 1000F, coatings will extend the base temp to 1200F, but the fibers will still become brittle. With our new coating, not only does it give the fiberglass a higher rated temperature of 1350F, but it allows the fibers to remain flexible. Flexible fibers will expand and contract with the metal of the exhaust system, ensuring long term maximum heat retention and a longer life! The coating also gives our wraps an increased abrasion resistance even at 1350F and results less fraying when cutting, installing, fewer loose fibers, and less itch. The black HPTC is deep black and it stays deep black after it has been heat cycled.

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