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A1000 Injected Bypass Efi Regulator, Adj

Base Pressure Adjustable From 40-75 Psi. Gasoline And Alcohol Compatible. Fuel Pressure Rises On A 1:1 Ratio With...
AEROMOTIVE  |  Part# AER-13101   More Details...


A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator, Adjus

Performance Efi Regulator Designed For Medium To High Horsepower Applications. Adjustable From 40-75 Psi, Gasoline ...
AEROMOTIVE  |  Part# AER-13109   More Details...


Regulator - Efi Bypass, Adjustable (2) -

Base Pressure Adjustable From 30-70 Psi Fuel Pressure Rises On A 1:1 Ratio With Boost Provides (2) ORB-06 INLET/O...
AEROMOTIVE  |  Part# AER-13129   More Details...


Out of Stock

New A1000 Regulator, Adjustable, Efi, (2

Adjustable Efi Regulator (2) -06 Inlets And (1) -06 Return. Aeromotive
AEROMOTIVE  |  Part# AER-13138   More Details...


Out of Stock

Carbureted Adjustable Regulator, Billet

Carbureted Adjustable Regulator, Billet
AEROMOTIVE  |  Part# AER-13201   More Details...


Quick Star Efi Boost Regulator Black

MP9925-B-BLK Quickstar Efi 2-PORT Boost Reference Regulator 35 To 85 Psi. Two -8 Inlets One -6 Return. Up To 700hp...
MAGNAFUEL  |  Part# MAG-MP-9925-B-BLK   More Details...


Diaphram For MP-9950 And MP-9940 Series

MAGNAFUEL  |  Part# MAG-MP-9950-03   More Details...


Out of Stock

Prostar Efi Boost Regulator - Black

Magnafuel 9950-B-BLK Efi Fuel Pressure Regulator
MAGNAFUEL  |  Part# MAG-MP-9950-B-BLK   More Details...